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He who learns to play music in his eightieth year will play at the resurrection.
   —    Turkish Proverb
[About a month ago I convinced my wife to let me buy a guitar (Orangewood acoustic dreadnought: Austen (model) for $195).  I’m playing it almost every day for 10 minutes to an hour.  Most days about 40 minutes.  It’s coming along slowly, slowly, but I’m enjoying it.  I’m just watching videos on YouTube and then going off to practice…    —   KMAB]
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Today I’ve added two links.  One is for my cousin Adrian Yanez who has guitar/music site named: Arpeggio Inc and the second is for my brother-in-law Art Brockmeyer who has a saxophone/music site named: Berkeley Saxophone Quartet.
[23 August 2013 – Blog update.  Both of these sites have been allowed to lapse.  Oh, well…  Time passes.  —  KMAB]

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