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In my “new” Official campaign t-Shirt…
Image of me in my "new" Official t-Shirt
Just received my “Official” t-Shirt
First t-Shirt (a couple of weeks ago)
Image of me in my Mayor Pete for President t-shirt
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Last year,  my son (“Jim” / James) and I were binge-ing on the “Vikings” series on the History Channel.  On 18 April 2018, we agreed to grow our beards out for one full year to see what they would look like and if they would be long enough to “viking braid”.  (Yeah, I know, very mature…)  My son is working on the 18th, so he came by today for a selfie.  (See below…)

Image of my son and me showing off our beards.

Jim and me rockin’ the chin locs.

We’ve concluded our beards are not really long enough to properly braid.  Jim says his wife can braid his, but they are very short braids.  I think I would need at least another year to have a decent shot with mine.  My Hil hates my full-out beard, so I doubt it will survive her return (this Sunday) from her family visit to Liverpool.  I don’t know if I’m going to miss it (the beard) or not.  It’s relaxing to stroke, but annoying when it catches in your zippers (coats and sweaters).  Ah, well, life is full of trade-offs…
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Image of me in my Mayor Pete for President t-shirt

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg for President in 2020

Say it with me: “Boot Edge Edge
About a month ago I saw this young guy get interviewed.  The interviewer said the guy was the Mayor of some place in Indiana (okay, it was South Bend, but all I heard was blah, blah hicks-ville, Indiana).  He is in his second term and got re-elected with over 80% of the vote!  He is a graduate of Harvard and an Oxford Rhodes Scholar.  He speaks seven languages and learned one of them just so he could read a book in the author’s native tongue.  He is a former Naval intelligence officer and served in Afghanistan (for seven months) while on leave without pay from his mayoral duties.
So, I listened to him speak…  And, I decided.
Prior to this, my three favorites for the Democratic nomination were (in order): Warren, Harris and Saunders.  (Yes, I am a Progressive / Liberal Democrat!)  To be honest, I think all have their weaknesses, but I believe any of them could defeat Trump.  The rest of the field, I’m not so sure of (including Biden), I don’t know anything about or I don’t really care for.  Anyway, I went online and bought a t-shirt – not realizing Mayor Pete hadn’t declared yet and was still in “just” the exploratory phase.
My daughter came over that evening and we were discussing who we each were favoring.  I said: “Mayor Pete, but I can’t pronounce his last name.”  She said: “Do you really think he can get elected?”  I replied: “Sure.  Why not?”  Her reply: “He’s opening gay…”  WHAT???
She asked how I could support him knowing this and pointedly adding that putting up a candidate who could defeat Trump was the most important thing the Democrats could do and she didn’t think the country was ready to elect an openly gay man.  I said I agreed, but I didn’t think the country was ready to elect an African-American in 2008 or re-elect him in 2012 and look how those elections turned out.
Does being straight or gay matter when you are running for ANY political office?  From an electability standpoint, of course it does.  But should it?  If I don’t believe faith (Kennedy), infidelity (Bill Clinton and probably a host of others), race (Obama) or gender (Hilary Clinton) matter, why should sexual orientation?  Is being “straight” critical to Presidential job performance?
When asked about whether gays should serve in the military, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater replied (I’m paraphrasing):  “I don’t care if someone is straight.  I just want to know if they can shoot straight.”  We KNOW President Trump is not very bright (he doesn’t read and has no curiosity), is a liar, is a cowardly draft dodger, is a tax cheat, is a terrible businessman, he appears to be a Russian puppet and he seems to only be interested in making money off of his term in office.  On balance, Mayor Pete is intelligent, well spoken, well read, a patriot and more than competent in his current office over the last two terms, so no, being openly gay does NOT matter to me.
I hope American will listen to what “Mayor Pete” has to say…  Then you can make up your mind and vote you heart.
Is America ready for an openly gay President?  To be honest, I don’t know…  But, I AM!
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Yours truly standing in front of the newly delivered yard sign for our daughter’s campaign for membership on the Community College Board.
Image of me standing in front of Bec's campaign sign
Note:  This is my “uniform”  (T-Shirt and cap) as I walk around our neighborhood dropping off fliers for her campaign.
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The end of day forty and the start of day forty-one…
Morning weight:  318lbs.
I am now down “55/62”.  As in, 55lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 62lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s weight is a 2lbs decrease from yesterday’s 320lbs.  Only seven more pounds until I reach the weight I “adjusted” back up from (re-taken ground).
This is the third day from my drinking the bananas / beans fruit juice blend and I am feeling a lot less crazy for “food” in my system.  The juicing fluid(s) seem to be quite enough today.  At least I’m not constantly dwelling on thoughts of stuffing my face ( – as opposed to merely eating a healthy portion of a healthy meal).

Image of Hands On Wrist 2018/09/05

Hands On Wrist 2018/09/05

About two weeks ago, I posted an image of my hands palm-in-palm behind my back.  Today I am able to reach beyond my palm and touch the wrist of my opposite hand (still behind my back).  When I began the veggie juice fast back on 27 July, I could only touch the finger-tips of my middle fingers on each hand.  Also, when I got the FitBit watch I am wearing in this photo, I could only wear it on my left wrist and only on the very last hole.  I can now wear it (uncomfortably) on the fourth hole and all day on the third hole.  The watch now fits on my right wrist and I can wear it all day on the second hole.
Progress!  Day by day…
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Here’s a proud dad sporting the t-shirt for his daughter who is running for a seat on the local Community College Board…

Image of front of T-shirt


Image of back of T-shirt


Any and all contributions to the campaign can be made at:  https://www.rebeccabarrett.org
And, whatever your party affiliation, register and vote in the November 2018 election.  Make sure your voice is heard!
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The end of day twenty-four and the start of day twenty-five…
Morning weight:  334lbs.
I am now down “39/46”.  As in, 39lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 46lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 336lbs yesterday.  I have now lost +10% of my body weight from the starting date of the fast.

Hand Touching Hand 20 August 2018

Hand Touching Hand 20 August 2018

On 25 July 2018, I could only touch the tips of my two middle fingers behind my back.  After about a week, I was able to touch to the first knuckles on my middle fingers and the tips of my two rings fingers.  As of today, I can hold both hands behind my back and actually reach the palms (behind my back).
I went to my gastroenterologist today.  It is time for another colonoscopy (in a couple of weeks) and an endoscopy to check my throat for cancer.  He said it would be a “two-fer”.  That will be happening in the next couple of weeks – after he’s had a chance to clear it with my health insurance company.  I also called to setup my follow-up with my urologist to get my kidney test evaluated (and possibly have my stones busted up).  That follow-up is next week (Monday).  The actual “blasting” will probably be (again) after it’s cleared by my health insurance and a couple of more weeks to get a scheduled time.  Finally, in the afternoon, we had to take our dog to the vet to see about an ear infection.  It feels like I did a lot, so that’s the good side…
The day ended up being another “tough” day.  Not so much because of the fasting, per se, but because I couldn’t relax and enjoy my veggie juices in the comfort of my home.  I ended up making due by topping up my energy levels with repeated 8-oz shots of OJ, until everything which needed doing, got done.  This gave me the required fructose rush to get me through a couple of hours, but it didn’t allow for a level energy day.  Peaks and valleys of energy means weakness – a deep in the bone feeling of tiredness – which, in turn, leads to thoughts of food.  Eating, too.  But, mostly food.  Just plain food.  And tastes…  And smells…  These are the hard days which lead to cheating and ultimately ending the fast before you’re “ready”.  Before you decide to.  It’s hard balancing on the edge of the blade between just enough energy and too little energy; between feeling clean internally and feeling deep hunger.
In the meantime, tomorrow will be another milestone.  At noon it will be 25 days of veggie juice fasting.  So I take comfort (and a little pig-headed pride) in reaching another “small” milestone.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing this (the fast) for the days or for the lost weight.  It seems setting small goals with each is both empowering and confusing at the same time.
Day by day…  Pound by pound.
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