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I now have twenty-five active followers!!
Whuu Huu!!
To commemorate the occasion, I’ve added a new section on the right side of my blog titled:  “Tributaries And Eddies“.
These are folks with sites of their own.  Some of them have commented at my site and some are just followers.  Either way, I wanted to mark the occasion by trying to promote their sites in my own little way.
Now, you may notice there are not twenty-five links there.  That’s because not all of the folks who follow me have blogs or web sites.  Also, in one case (Richard J. Geib’s Web/Blog), the blogger doesn’t follow me, but his was one of the first sites I found that helped inspire me.  I think, over time, these links will eventually loose their “follower” status and become more like Richard’s – sites which have inspired me, made me laugh, or made me think.  Anyway, if you’re one of those I’ve included, keep up the good work — shout out to the universe, you never know who is listening / reading!!!

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If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?
    —     Abraham Lincoln
[Does anybody else see the irony of Newt Gingrich calling Mitt Romney a liar because of anonymous PAC money being spent on “negative” attack ads in Iowa?
It reminds me of Michael Jackson:  “I’m starting with the man in the mirror…”    —    KMAB]

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