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Life demands assessment.  Indeed, it’s often improved by hearing from the Roger Eberts of the world (or whoever the equivalent is in the Review Your Purchases genre).  But we have to watch how much outside assessment we let in.  There’s something heartbreaking about surrendering to strangers the delicate moment of giving order to the world.  In those instances when we bring our cognitive reasoning to bear on our surroundings, when we aim our singularly human powers of evaluation at a piece of art or a fellow person, it’s a fundamental expression of the self.  There are wonderfully democratic and empowering things about an Internet full of anonymous voices.  But when those opinions replace our own blundering around for truth, we’re in trouble.  Too much charting becomes an unnecessary handrail, too many floodlights along the dark path.  I give that only two out of five stars.
    -–    Chris Colin
From the article:  “Rate This Article: What’s Wrong with the Culture of Critique
Appearing in:  Wired Magazine, dtd:  August 2011

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