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I don’t know how many folks ever bother to look at anything on my page except the actual blog posting for that day.  On the right hand side I have a category of links to pages I find interesting.  The category is titled: “Tributaries And Eddies” (TAE).
TAE’s tend to be sites from folks who have “liked” one or more of my postings and who I’ve tracked back to see what their site looks like.  If I find the site “interesting” and relatively frequently maintained, I put it on my list for sites to add to TAE.  Now, “interesting” doesn’t mean I agree with the site content or purpose and I tend to not include company sites (although that’s not a hard and fast rule either).  They simply tickle my fancy (for whatever reason) at the time I view them.
About every six months or so, I go visit each current TAE and drop those which are no longer maintained and add one or more from my list.  Again, I don’t have a firm rule on how many I keep on the list and it’s been over twenty and as low as four or five.  I mean no offense to any who notice their site has been dropped.

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I now have twenty-five active followers!!
Whuu Huu!!
To commemorate the occasion, I’ve added a new section on the right side of my blog titled:  “Tributaries And Eddies“.
These are folks with sites of their own.  Some of them have commented at my site and some are just followers.  Either way, I wanted to mark the occasion by trying to promote their sites in my own little way.
Now, you may notice there are not twenty-five links there.  That’s because not all of the folks who follow me have blogs or web sites.  Also, in one case (Richard J. Geib’s Web/Blog), the blogger doesn’t follow me, but his was one of the first sites I found that helped inspire me.  I think, over time, these links will eventually loose their “follower” status and become more like Richard’s – sites which have inspired me, made me laugh, or made me think.  Anyway, if you’re one of those I’ve included, keep up the good work — shout out to the universe, you never know who is listening / reading!!!

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