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Back on 17 July 2010, I added two pages for two of my favorite poems (sonnets) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I also added a post (Browning…) which included a little poem I used to read on the bus going to school.  I noted in the post that I wasn’t sure I was remembering it correctly (or well), but it now seems I got it pretty close.
Today I was going through one of my old journals and found the source and then was able to look up the whole of the poem – which I have also added as a page off of my Poems tab.
The poem seems to go by a couple of different names.  One is:  “Song” and the other is the first line of the poem:  “I prithee send me back my heart”.  The author is Sir John Suckling.
The particular verse I really like is:
But love is such a mystery,
I cannot find it out:
For when I think I’m best resolv’d,
I then am in most doubt.
It turns out the other verses are fairly good too.  Anyway, I hope you have a moment to enjoy the poem (and maybe take a second look at Browning’s sonnets).
Tonight I finally got around to watching the “Thor” DVD my son (James) gave me for Christmas.  We saw the movie when it was out at the cinema and both enjoyed it.  I actually think I liked the movie more this time.  I seemed to follow the story more and got more out of the dialogue (which was actually pretty funny).  I did find the movie did not translate to the smaller screen as well, though – particularly the scenes in Asgard.  Strangely enough, the scenes where Thor uses Mjolnir (his magic hammer) seemed more realistic on the smaller screen than they did at the theater.  So, like I said, mixed reactions, but I enjoyed it.
More good news:
I got off the phone with my brother who reports his doctor got the final results of the biopsy on his throat and it confirmed the preliminary finding – there is no cancer in his lymph nodes.  Very good news to start the weekend.
And lastly:  Go Niners, beat the NY Giants!!!

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The Clock Is Running

Politics is the art of postponing decisions until they are no longer relevant.
    —    Queuille

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