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A blog I follow, posted this photo some time back…
Redneck Santa's Sleigh
Redneck Santa’s on the way!!!

Merry X-mas to all; and to all a good-night!!


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The Bible was written by numerous people over hundreds of years with wide and often varying concerns, some of which were and are morally indefensible.  Within its pages, however, lie powerful passages that help illuminate our lives and our place before the mystery of human existence.  I, too, struggle, like the writers of the Bible, to understand.  I, too, often get it wrong.  But it is the honesty and rigor of the search, the doubts and reverses, the mistakes and regrets, the ability to stand up again and keep trying that ultimately express faith.  This humility before the unknowable, the acceptance that there is much we will never understand, makes possible self-criticism, self-awareness, self-possession and self-reflection.  They make possible compassion and acts of kindness.  They allow us to see ourselves in the stranger; to reach out in solidarity to those who travel with us on this dusty, brief and often lonely road of life.  This honesty and humility make possible a diverse and tolerant human community.  They sustain life and, in the midst of it all, impart hope.
    —     Chris Hedges
From his book:  “American Fascists

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