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Here’s a list of the things I like to review whenever I start to worry:
  1. Call a friend.  Never worry alone.  Talk to someone – anyone – when you feel worried.  It helps reduce the sensation of aloneness which accompanies worry.
  2. Get the facts.  A lot of times, worry comes from a simple lack of information.
  3. Once you’ve reviewed the facts you can gather, accept your limitations and move on to forming a plan based on the review.
  4. Take action!  Any action is better than being passive.  (Generally, the universe favors the aggressive.)
  5. If you feel “stuck”, change your physical state (active to passive or passive to active) and think about something else (and really concentrate on the different “else”).  A change in your physical state, especially exercise, and thinking about something else will change your brain’s chemistry and allow your mind to place the problem in background processing where your subconscious can partner up your creative, intuitive and logical sides, without having to actively confront your conscious doubts.
One and Five almost always work – even independently of any of the others.  Two, Three and Four take extra effort and a sense of optimism.

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