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These are my “how-to’s” for effectively delegating work:
  1. Be specific – state what you need accomplished, but allow the workers to determine the “best” method of delivery so they will own the result.
  2. Be concise – don’t take longer to explain the task than it takes to do the task.  And remember to allow room for the workers to learn from the task and grow into the role of being “value-adders”.
  3. Communicate deadlines, standards, and formats – (and check progress periodically) promote management without surprises.
  4. Give feedback – while the job is being done (at milestones) and especially after completion, close the loop by reviewing the process with the workers.  You may learn from their creativity and they will appreciate all the contributions of everyone else on the team (when the contributions are finally explored in the review).
  5. Reward the exceptional – even if the “only” reward possible is a more difficult project, the “beneficiary” will know you recognized their contribution.  Remember, a leader demonstrates technical competency when you are able to recognize the difference between small jobs which are critical and large jobs which are trivial.

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