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I remember reading a poster on a bus when I was riding to school one morning:
“For love is such a mystery,
I cannot find it out;
And when I think it’s best resolved,
I then am most in doubt”.
I’m not sure who wrote it, or even if I’m remembering it correctly, but it’s been a ditty which has stuck with me throughout my life.
And so I offer two “real” love poems, both by Elizabeth Barrett Browning:  “If thou must love me… (Sonnet 14)” and “How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)“.  Even as a fairly poorly cultured American male, I can recognize some of the most famous lines in poetry.  Some day I’ll have to look up exactly what a “Sonnet” is…  ‘Til then…
Back in the Gym…
I was able to jog again today.  I got in my two miles and then lifted weights.  Some pain in my back – but bearable.  I’m hoping for no pain tomorrow as I’ve got a lot of yard work to plow thru (pun intended).

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