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Some songs you like because the lyrics are meaningful.  Some songs you like because they are just, plain fun to hear.  Every once in a while, there’s one which is both…  Stand!

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Last night I finished reading “Practical Intelligence“, (2007©) by Karl Albrecht.  I wasn’t real sure what it was going to be about even though the sub-title is:  “The Art and Science of Common Sense“.  I kind of thought it was going to be about learning how to think with more common sense – whatever that is.  (Another one of my serendipity purchases…)
In the end, the book is really in three parts.  Part one is about the biology of the brain, nerves and what modern science has to say about how we think.  The main thrust of this part is that thinking is a bodily function – how and what you think becomes a part of you.
Part two is about four key mental habits which the author proposes will make you a “better” person.  Better in the sense that you’ll feel happier with yourself.  The four habits are:  Mental Flexibility, Affirmative Thinking, Sane Use of Language, and Valuing Ideas.
Part Three is about the four mega-skills you need to analyze problems and make sound decisions:  Bivergent Thinking (divergent and convergent);  Helicopter Thinking (being able to see from above and then drop straight down on top of an issue);  Intulogical Thinking (using intuition and logic to solve problems);  and, Viscerational Thinking (using your “gut” and reasoning) to make decisions.
In summary, the book is trying to convince you to make your life better by thinking more positively and then using positive (affirming) language.  Thinking is a bodily function and speaking is a way of reinforcing your positive thoughts with positive actions.
The book offers tremendous insight into the processes of thinking, making decisions and interacting with others to get things done.  I strongly recommend it.

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