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Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!
I’m slowly getting over some kind of flu.  I was off work for two days.  Sinuses were terrible and my right ear was effected.  Quite dizzy and disorienting.  Anyway, I’m feeling somewhat better today.
I got up to watch Germany crush Argentina in the World Cup this morning – 4 to 0!!  I don’t usually favor the Germans, but I’m coming around with this team.
After the game I went out for my first jog in what seems like ages (actually six days).  I was fine until about 30 minutes and then my right calf cramped up badly.  I almost stopped, it was so painful.  In the end, I limped for a few minutes and then it eased up.  It was still painful, but it wasn’t getting worse, so I felt it was something I could work through.  I got in my usual 70 minutes – about 4 miles.  Not fast, but they all count in the end.
Just in case anyone else ever does read this, I’ve started adding in some new bits.  The first thing is quotes.  I’ll just be adding them randomly as I come across them and they “tickle” me.  Most I will agree with, but not all – and it won’t be the criteria for me adding it.  The criteria will be – did it make me stop and think.
I also plan to start including the lyrics to songs I like.  I will probably simply add lyrics to the poetry pages I’ve already started adding.


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