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A hundred years from now, (assuming humanity hasn’t poisoned itself into extinction) the two songs I’ve added lyrics for today will still be getting played somewhere on the planet (or whatever spaceship humanity is on).
As haunting as the lyrics are though, these are two songs which can best be appreciated only by hearing the original versions.  I offer for your reading pleasure:  Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone” and The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil“.
On other matters – I’m struggling, but I’m back down to 300 pounds!!  Today, I managed my second 5K this week.  I spent the day in agony (lower back and leg), but it didn’t hurt while I was actually jogging, so I’m grateful for that…
Out in the “real world”, it looks like BP may have finally got a cap on the leaking oil hole in the Gulf of Mexico.  Somehow, we’re supposed to be happy they’ve managed to do it (stop the flow) “ahead of time” — meaning less than 100 days since the well blew.

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