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Today I added my first lyrics page.  It’s the song:  “Learned the Hard Way Every Time“, written by Jim Croce.  I don’t remember the first time I heard the song.  It was probably back when I was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington state (just outside of Seattle).
I’ve probably listened to this song a thousand times (that’s “listened to”, not heard).  It still reaches into my soul.  I’m not sure you can say much more about a song (or poem).  I’ve always felt it was a great tragedy Jim Croce died so young.  All three of his main albums were great!  To me, the night of his plane crash, was the second “night the music died”.

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Today I added the poem “The Soldier” to my favorite poems pages.  It reminds me of moving to England and taking a 35 mm film canister filled with dirt from my 1st house (in Oakland, CA).  I thought I was going to live out my life in England and when I died I wanted to be “buried” under American soil.  (I left instructions with Hil to spread the soil over me.)
Perhaps too somber for a holiday…  But on the Fourth and on Memorial Day, I tend to think of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty.  Our gratitude and our prayers are with you always.  As they are for those still serving in harm’s way.
Anyway, happy holiday everyone!!

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