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Back in 1998, I took a contract for work in Saudi Arabia for Hadeed – the Saudi national steel company.  The first weekend I was there, I bought a boombox and some CDs.  One of them was by Garth Brooks.  The first cut on the CD was “Standing Outside The Fire“.  Needless to say, it was love at first hearing and I played it over and over and over.  This is one of the songs my kids can sing in their sleep.  Despite all influences since, they are still Garth fans (and country music fans too).  They also listen to a lot of other types of music too, but when they hear this, I know they think of me (too).
We spent two years in Jubail, KSA and they were good times for us.  I will forever be grateful to the people of Saudi Arabia for hosting us and giving me a chance to work there, live with them and get to know them.

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