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Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man’s superiority to all that befalls him.
   —  Romain Gary
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Changing Frequently

The only man who can change his mind is a man that’s got one.
   —  Edward Noyes Westcott
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On November 24 of this year, Sony Pictures was notified that it was the victim of a cyber attack, the effects of which is the most chilling and devastating of any cyber attack in the history of our country.  Personal information including Social Security numbers, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and the full texts of emails of tens of thousands of Sony employees was leaked online in an effort to scare and terrorize these workers.  The hackers have made both demands and threats.  The demand that Sony halt the release of its upcoming comedy The Interview, a satirical film about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  Their threats vary from personal — you better behave wisely — to threatening physical harm — not only you but your family is in danger.  North Korea has not claimed credit for the attack but has praised the act, calling it a righteous deed and promising merciless measures if the film is released.  Meanwhile the hackers insist in their statement that what they’ve done so far is only a small part of our further plan.  This is not just an attack on Sony.  It involves every studio, every network, every business and every individual in this country.  That is why we fully support Sony’s decision not to submit to these hackers’ demands.  We know that to give in to these criminals now will open the door for any group that would threaten freedom of expression, privacy and personal liberty.  We hope these hackers are brought to justice but until they are, we will not stand in fear.  We will stand together.
   —  George Clooney
[I read on MSN that George Clooney passed the above message around to a “sizable” number of people in the entertainment industry and was not able a to get a single person to be the first person to sign up for this pledge to stand up to political / economic / social terrorism.
Okay, George.  I’m admittedly not in the entertainment industry.  I’m just a single individual posting on my “free” blog.  But, I sign up.
I will stand with you!
If you agree with George, please pass this (the message / pledge, not my post) along to your friends…
“With each link, the chain is forged…”   —  KMAB]
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Additional Requirements

To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it.
   —  John Churton Collins
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2013 In The Present Day
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The test of an adventure is that when you’re in the middle of it, you say to yourself “Oh now I’ve got myself into an awful mess; I wish I were sitting quietly at home.”  And the sign that something’s wrong with you is when you sit quietly at home wishing you were out having lots of adventure.
   ― Thornton Wilder
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Sound Familiar?

Old Math

Mathematics is an ancient discipline.  For as long as we can reliably reach into the past, we find its development intimately connected with the development of the whole of our civilization.  For as long as we have a record of man’s curiosity and his quest for understanding, we find mathematics cultivated and cherished, practiced and taught.  Throughout the ages it has stood as an ultimate in rational thought and as a monument to man’s desire to probe the workings of his own mind.
   —  Mark Kac
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Two Heritages

Just Long Enough

I have lived in this world just long enough to look carefully the second time into things I am most certain of the first time.
   —  Josh Billings
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