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But the novel will never die.
It is immortal because human beings just haven’t found – and perhaps never will discover – a form of storytelling and expression that reveals the workings of a mind and heart the way a well-crafted novel does.  It is a wholly pre-technological medium: a succession of monochrome sheets bearing arranged chunks of curly cuneiform.  Yet through these lines you connect with another psyche trimmed of its gender, age, epoch, social class, and ethnic identity.  The author may’ve been dead a thousand years.   Still when you finish the last page you want to keep the conversation going – to write to them, to have coffee with them.  “Tell me more about…”.
For all of their charms, songs, sculptures, movies – they do not have that power.  Novels, which are written alone and in silence, and are savored by readers in the same way, are not in danger of going so long as people are still around.
     —    From a blog I follow:  The Bully Pulpit, which is actually at – http://jrbenjamin.com/
The original post was:  http://jrbenjamin.com/2013/10/11/the-novel-will-never-die/
[I have only recently begun to follow this site, but it looks very interesting so far…     —    KMAB]
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