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The soldier, be he friend or foe, is charged with the protection of the weak and unarmed.  It is the very essence and reason of his being.  When he violates this sacred trust, he not only profanes his entire cult, but threatens the fabric of international society.  The traditions of fighting men are long and honorable.  They are based upon the noblest of human traits —  sacrifice.
    —    General of the Army Douglas MacArthur
[Actually, and unfortunately, MOST of the time the charge of the soldier is to protect those in power and with wealth, from those who would rise up to take that wealth.  To paraphrase a quote I learned many years ago studying political science: “The rich (/ powerful) and few surrender what they must; the poor and many seize what they can.”  Not very Christian or religious, but historically true none-the-less.    —    KMAB]
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