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Fragments:  No Plan
There is no plan for life,
No map for living.
No one can lead you by the hand,
Say for sure where you should turn.
We want to believe
There is a path
That must be chosen wisely,
Though wisdom
Is only something that we learn
From looking back
On our choices.
Most of all we yearn to be happy.
If you do what you feel
Is right
When you feel it
The present comes into focus
And living
Takes care of itself.
   —   From a blog I follow:  “The Mirror Obscura” located at:  http://themirrorobscura.com/
The original post was:  http://themirrorobscura.com/2013/10/11/fragments-no-plan/
[Another poetry site I’ve recently begun to follow.  The “fragments” part refers to the opinion of the author, that the poem is not truly completed, but he wanted to post it to get it out in the universe anyway.  My opinion is some of his “fragments” are better than my “completed” works.    Well, worth checking out!   —    kmab]
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