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Before I forget (and you have to read too far), I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Saturday is the big day itself…
Today I had my 1,000th workout at the gym we have at the office.  It’s taken a little over 5 years and six weeks.  By my count, I’ve missed 15 days in that time.  Seven because the gym folks failed to show up to open the door and the other eight were on me (mostly an odd day where I just couldn’t face it).  I’m not including weekends (when I’ve had over-time) or sick days, vacation days, etc.  I’m also not counting the days where I walked, jogged, or otherwise got a workout at home or somewhere other than the gym at work.  If I was in the office, I went to the gym, too.
Shortly after I began at the gym (in Nov 2005), I had an “incident” and had to go to the emergency room.  They shaved my chest in anticipation of zapping me to restore a normal heartbeat.  In the end, the doctors were able to restore a normal heart rhythm with an IV, so they didn’t have to go all PG&E on me.  It only takes a single experience like that focus your attention on what has to happen to stay alive.  So, now I’m on drugs for this, and pills for that, and every workday – I’m there at the gym.
Every day I get to see my kids and hold / kiss my wife, it’s an extra day to enjoy the wind, rain, sun, a roof over my head and a relatively full belly – all the graces of God.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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