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Okay.  After yesterday’s rant about what’s going wrong with the Obama Administration, let’s take a deep breath and remember some of what’s gone right (maybe not perfect, but better than anything we could have imagined under Dubya).
I can spend all evening listing the many things President Obama has worked on and gotten correct.  But rather than do that, I’ll quote the words of Bill Press from his WorldNetDaily blog  http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=185313  dated 30 July 2010:
You’ve heard of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight?  Barack Obama’s the man who can’t shoot straight.  His first 20 months have zipped by with nothing to show for them.  He’s broken every promise he made.  He’s achieved not one major legislative accomplishment.  It even took him three months to plug an oil leak.
That’s the rap on President Obama, from commentators on both the right and the left.  It’s ubiquitous, it’s loud, it’s earnest – and it’s dead wrong.
I say that not as an Obama apologist.  Indeed, I’ve been as critical of Obama as many conservative commentators, although for different reasons.  In my opinion, he’s spent too much time sucking up to Republicans and too little time paying attention to his political base.  He settled for too weak a bill on both health-care reform and Wall Street reform.  He’s dragged his heels on getting rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  And he escalated the war in Afghanistan when he should have pulled the plug on it.
Still, when you examine the record, whether you agree with everything he’s done or not, you must conclude that Obama inherited the worst problems and has already taken bolder actions than any president since FDR.  The facts speak for themselves.
On the economy.  With America on the brink of economic collapse, Obama’s first act was to push through a $787 billion stimulus package – already credited with saving or creating more than 3 million new jobs, with almost $200 billion still unspent.  Obama also propped up banks large and small with the second round of TARP money, of which $194 billion has been repaid, with interest.  And he saved GM and Chrysler from bankruptcy with an $86 billion bailout, of which taxpayers are expected to recoup at least $74 billion, if not actually make money on the deal.
On jobs.  With unemployment stuck at 9.5 percent, it’s hard to celebrate job growth.  Yet the fact remains: In January 2009, according to Department of Labor records, America lost 598,000 jobs.  In January-June 2010, employers added 982,000 new jobs.  Too many Americans are still out of work, but we’ve turned the corner from monthly job losses to monthly job gains.
On health care.  Without a public-plan option, private insurance companies still rule the roost.  But they must now operate within tough new guidelines.  Thanks to federal subsidies, 32 million Americans who couldn’t afford health insurance before can now do so.  That means 95 percent of Americans are covered, which is the closest we’ve ever come to universal health care.
On Wall Street.  Obama recently signed into law the toughest regulations on banks and financial institutions since the Great Depression.  That bill also creates the first-ever consumer-protection agency for financial transactions.
Oh, and, along the way, Obama also dealt with an H1N1 epidemic, started bringing troops home from Iraq, expanded the war in Afghanistan, named two Supreme Court justices, took 13 foreign trips to 22 countries, met with 93 foreign leaders, signed a nuclear-arms treaty with Russia, hosted 47 nations in a nuclear-proliferation summit in Washington and marshaled federal forces to deal with the worst oil spill in history.
Please note:  Bill Press’ blog is copyrighted material and I am quoting it without his or WorldNetDaily’s specific permission.  Again, I am not trying to make any profit from my own blog and I am fully acknowledging both the writer and the content provider.  If either learn of this citation and object to it, I will happily remove it and / or paraphrase it (still citing the source) at their choice.
I would also like to point any readers to another source of information about the accomplishments of the Obama Administration:   http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/
This website is useful because it has both the accomplishment and the link to further reading so you (the person seeking to become a better informed American voter) can get some background facts.
I follow Bill Press on his weekday radio show.  While I don’t always agree with him, at least he is normally rational and thoughtful.  If you are up and awake before 6AM (or want to subscribe to his podcasts), I highly recommend you give him a listen.
Finally, I would rather have President Obama representing me 40% of the time, than have ANY modern day Republican never represent me.  The last GREAT Republican President was Theodore Roosevelt.  The last moderately useful Republican President was Eisenhower (who warned us about the dangers of a military-industrial complex).  Since then, Republican Presidents have been a criminal/resigned in disgrace (Nixon), incompetent and probably criminal (quid pro quo – Nixon pardon for the Ford Presidency), a criminal or a liar or both (Reagan – Iran/Contra-gate), tolerably incompetent (one-term Bush, Sr.) and a self-confessed war criminal (Dubya Bush).  With a batting average like that, it’s a wonder the United States survived the last half of the 20th century.
Okay!  Two days, two rants.  I better take a few deep breaths and go watch Jon Stewart for a while…

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