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Even though I’ve hunted animals for food as my family has for generations, and have seen more of death in my life than I’d care to;  I learned how to cultivate respect and nurture heartfelt compassion for all life that one afternoon so many years ago.  All life is truly precious, and so very fragile.  On the grand scale; every living organism plays a vital role in the fabric of existence, no matter how big or small it is.
Compassion for all life is the key to witnessing creation in all of its beauty.  Learn how to be a steward, not a master.
    —    From the blogsite:  KNOWTHESPHERE
Posted on March 23, 2012
in a blog titled:  “Wise Hamster
[KnowTheSphere is another of the blogs I follow (and read) regularly.  I’m new to following it and the site seems new, but it’s well worth a visit, read, and a few moments of consideration…  Like most things I stumble on to, there’s a background story.  The first book I bought and read about Aikido was titled:  ‘Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere“, and written by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook.  This blog site’s title caught my eye and the rest is history.    —    KMAB]

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