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The other night I was surfing the TV and stumbled upon the ending of “The Man Who Would Be King“, starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine from 1975.  I happen to own a copy of the DVD, but haven’t watched it in ages.  (I’ll have to watch the whole thing now so I can add a review…)
Anyway, there is a very stirring song at the end which sounded familiar from the distant past.  So turning to Google, I looked it up.  Like most of my searches, this ended up with serendipity.  The song they sing reminded me of the tune sung by Miles O’Brien in “StarTrek: The Next Generation” episode “The Wounded”.  That song was the classic Irish folk song (or at least that’s what I thought it was):  “The Minstrel Boy“.   So, I added the lyrics to my Poems page.
That led me to match my lyrics to the song with Sean and Michael singing.  The same tune, but it was different words!!  Lo, and behold, the song they’re singing is actually a different song (still military) titled:  “The Son Of God Goes Forth To War” – which has now also been added to my Poems page.
Now, for the real serendipity bit…  While looking up “The Minstrel Boy”, I found a web site / blog by the same name (click here).  The site is dedicated to the memory of a son lost in the fighting in Iraq.  A browse around the site led me to a terrific (but incredibly sad) speech / poem the blog author gave at a ceremony for families gathered to remember their lost family members.  I was so touched by the poem, I copied it to my poems page as well.  The poem is titled:  “Remember These Our Young“.   You can find the original posting on the author’s site by clicking here.
I know it’s not Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day or any other “special” remembrance day, but take a few moments to read Brian Hart’s (the blog author) poem and then say a prayer to whatever God (or deity) you believe in for those still in harms way today and for those who’ve already sacrificed so much to keep us free…

Remembrance is only part of the obligation we owe the dead. 

In our country little sacrifice is asked of most. 

Help us to become a more giving nation. 

Let us have courage to face the killing forces of our time. 

Let us forsake fear and choose freedom.

Let us ignore words without meaning — that divide and deceive. 

Instead, let us yew from this great mountain of despair a small stone of hope. 

A hope that we will yet create a better country – yet become a better people.

Give us the courage to use freedom so dearly purchased to do what is right.”


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To be happy is not to possess much, but to hope and love much.
   —    Anonymous
[Well, I don’t know who said it…  But it’s definitely true.    —    KMAB]

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