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This is what I find most encouraging about the writing trades:  They allow mediocre people who are patient and industrious to revise their stupidity, to edit themselves into something like intelligence.  They also allow lunatics to seem saner than sane.
    —    Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
From the preface to his book:  “Wampeters, Foma &  Granfalloons
[This explains why Sarah Palin can appear so stupid when she tries to give an unscripted presentation at a campaign stop (remember Boston and Paul Revere riding to warn the British) versus her taped ads and TV appearances.  She can have a platoon of writers and camera folks edit in their intelligence to substitute for her lack of intelligence.  Hey, Sarah!  Have you figured out the names of any of the newspapers you usually read, yet?    —   KMAB]

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