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Book Review –
Today I completed volume thirteen in the Dresden Files series: “Ghost Story“, by Jim Butcher (2011©).  Harry Dresden is a wizard who lives in Chicago.  Harry “died” at the end of the last book (vol 12) and this is his story as a “newbie” ghost.  As with all books of this genre, you have to suspend disbelief, but once that’s out of the way, each book in the series is a very fast and enjoyable read.  I would say this is the first book where I felt you really had to have read the last couple of books in the series to get the most out of the story though.  The background storylines aren’t as well developed as I would hope for if I were coming to the story as a new (potential) fan.  Being a ghost never sound like so much fun, or, so challenging…
James (my son) turned me on to the series and we quite enjoy reading the books and discussing them – particularly the mythology of the “other-worldly” characters.  So, highly recommended (both book and series) – particularly if you’re into X-files, Supernatural and other Sci-Fi / spooky TV shows.
Rebecca is spending the weekend with us.  Her boss is having his annual BBQ competition to raise money for his various campaigns for education support.  Hil and I took Bec out to lunch at a new Mexican restaurant in the Park & Shop mall in Concord (off of Willow Pass).  Highly recommended!!  The food is delicious and the service was timely and friendly.  The only draw back is it is a little pricey ($52 for three).  They also do a all-you-can-eat buffet for $13.50, from 10 to 3:30.  Given the variety of foods, it looked even snackier than the meal.  Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the name and it seems as if it’s too new to be on the web.  I’ll have to do a follow-up the next time we go – and we will be going back.

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Everything he read to me he would translate as best he could into some reality.
…I learned from my father to translate:  everything I read I try to figure out what it really means, what it’s really saying.
    —    Richard P. Feynman
From his book:  “What Do You Care What Other People Think?

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