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I was reading Wired magazine last month and they were telling folks about a new website named: www.hunch.com
It’s kind of a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google, and a bunch of other social networking sites all rolled into one.
I signed up early this week and I must admit it is the most addictive web site I’ve been on in quite some time.  It is a complete time waster – but it feels good doing it.
Basically, you answer 20 questions and the system builds a psychological profile of you.  As you answer more questions, it fills out your profile.  You can add likes and dislikes (movies, books, authors, foods, TV shows, politics, ethics) to just about any topic and it uses these favorites, like and dislikes to make suggestions to you and others based on the similarity of the others to you (based on their answers).  You can also make your own topics.
If you decide to give it a go, I’m on as kmabarrett (what a coincidence!), so please follow and fleck me.
I’m not sure I’ll keep it up as I’ve not used the site to provide me with any recommendations, yet – but it’s still early days.

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