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We took Rebecca to the airport this morning and she’s now safely back at UCLA.  She got an A and two B’s in her first quarter.  Her three weeks here for X-mas seems to have flown by.  She says she may be back in a couple of weeks to give a speech.
Start of the new year back at work tomorrow.  I applied for a detail back in Baltimore which starts on 15 Jan and runs thru 15 May.  I don’t think I’ll get it, but you never know…  It would be a nice break and a great experience.  If I get it, I should hear about it this week.
Today I finished reading Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes.  It’s an autobiography about his life as a runner of extreme races.  I heard about him in Wired magazine and started looking into the Western States 100 Endurance Run.  The run is becoming my not so secret “Visionquest”.  I would like to try to do it by the time I’m 60.  That gives me 5 years to get ready and finish it (if I can).  To tell the truth, it sounds terrifying.  After reading Karnazes’ account it seems impossible for me.  …But I’m still planning on trying.  We’ll see how far I get.  Tonight I jogged for two hours.  The 100 takes 30 hours (max) to complete for a bronze buckle.  If you can do it in under 24 you get a silver buckle.  I will be happy just to finish – but a bronze would be really excellent!

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