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The end of day seven and the start of day eight…
One week done!!  Yippie!  Goal accomplished!
Yesterday evening was difficult, but only from a self-discipline perspective.  The thing about juice fasting is if you do it for any length of time, you are bound to run into a “LIFE” event.  Usually, it’s holidays and birthdays, but sometimes it’s something else.  Last evening was something else…
My eldest daughter has decided to run for a political office (non-partisan, but she still has to get elected).  Last evening was her campaign kick-off event held at a bar(!).  Technically, it was at a brewery, but I’m not sure that’s any better.  So, there was lots of socializing and everyone was having a beer or glass of wine and the event hosted a taco buffet (with a plate of cookies at each table).  Anyway, I toughed it out.  My wife and I are so proud of our little girl (not so little anymore), you know we just couldn’t miss it.  And, yes, my wife was very sympathetic to my fasting – as she sent me to the bar to get her a pint of beer.
I have enough veggie juice to make it through the weekend, if I choose to continue.  So far I am doing just that.  Drum roll please…  Morning weight: 362lbs.  That’s down from 380lbs on 20 July 2018.  Again, discounting stomach and extra water weight (10lbs), that’s 8lbs lost in 7 days!  In case, you’re wondering why I am always using 380lbs as the starting weight even though it wasn’t the actual start date of the fast, it’s because that’s the date I hit the (my) personal worst.  Between then and 27 July (mid-morning) when I started the fast, that is the weight I was bouncing around.  378 to 380.  The “actual” weight on the start day was 380lbs.
Impressions:  at the end of 7 days, my muffin top and my saddle bags are smaller, my stomach looks a bit flatter and I’ve lost some of the puffiness under my eyes.  I’m not deluding myself.  I’m still 360lbs+ and still morbidly obese.  But…  The main thing is:  I feel terrific for having met a goal.  This doesn’t mean I’m done.  It does mean I’m proud of myself for having stuck it out.  The doubt (“Can I do this?“) from eight days, seven days and six days ago seems a long ways away right now.  So, I am happily half-way through day eight and I know I can stop any time / any day because I’ve completed the first step to getting started on my food / lifestyle-change journey.  I did it!
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