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I’ve now finished my second 24 hours of cleansing fast and have started day 3.  I guess I’m going to call each day from noon to noon, instead of wake-up to wake-up.  Which means I’m about 6 hours into day 3 as of the start of this post (a little after 6pm).
The day was mentally difficult because I took my wife to my sister’s house so they could spend the afternoon wine tasting and nibbling.  My sister is a member of several wine clubs and this is something they both enjoy spending an afternoon (or day) doing.  Normally, I just kick it at her house with her husband (Art) or whomever is there on the day while the ladies are out and about on their tasting travels.  Per usual, we watched sports.  In this case, the SF Giants beat the Milwaukee Brewers 8 to 5.  (Yea!  Go Orange and Black!!)
Anyway, my sister is a vegetarian and always has “healthy” stuff around the house.  So, yeah, it was a hard visit to get through.  I took a bottle of V8 Strawberry / Banana juice along to get me through.  The bottle is 6 –  8oz servings and each serving is 110 calories, so I had about 700 calories out of it.  Now that I’m home, I’m having a bottle of my veggie juice and later I’ll be having another bottle of blend (3 heaping tablespoons of roughage and about 24oz manufactured juice, “shaken, not stirred”).
The bottom line is I’m tired, hungry and a bit snarky.  Other than that, though, wonderful!  (See, snarky – LOL)  I guess I should stay in the house and try to avoid people until these first few days pass, but that’s not how “real” life is lived.  So, I’m just going to have to muddle through.
Other notes:  I got a calorie deficit headache today (this morning).  When I got home after walking the dog I started to get a powerful (terrible) headache in my frontal lobes (and above both my eyes).  Fortunately, I was able to drink a large (12oz) glass of OJ and it went away.  Obviously, a cautionary message from my body about not having a “breakfast” drink before the walk.  My fingers, wrists, ankles and feet feel great!  No swelling at all during the day.  That’s a good sign for my heart as it means I’m not retaining water (fluids).  Also, my left side (kidney) is much less painful, but I’m still having pain in my groin – although, even that is less than it’s been over the last weeks.  I guess it’s possible all of the pain is some kind of inflammation which the acidic juice is helping with.
And, of course, the good news is the morning scale:  369lbs.  That’s down 2lbs from yesterday and 11lbs from 20 July.  Keeping that in perspective (since 2lbs/day is unrealistic long term loss), I’d say I’m just about out of processing food weight (food in my stomach) and saline overage water weight.  From now on the weight loss per day should be leveling out at 1lb/day, but this will be “more” actual weight loss which won’t suddenly come right back as soon as I begin eating again.  From experience, my “normal” weight re-gain is about 1lb/week.  So, a 20lbs loss would take me about 5-6 months to regain.  Again, this does not include the 5-7lbs of processing food weight which I re-gain almost immediately (2-3 days).
As for drinking juice – my primary physician, my wife and my brother are all convinced drinking fruit juice is bad for me.  They are convinced juice fructose is just as bad for me as drinking sugar water.  My head agrees with them (mostly) because I understand chemistry.  My body does not.  Nor does my personal experience.  If I drink sugar water, I feel “sweet”, eventually sickly, and then bloated and craving pure water.  This is also what happens when I drink any kind of “soda drink”.  This rarely (almost never) happens when I drink juice (not “juice drink / added sugar to flavored juice”) or whole milk.  If I drink too much juice, I pee and I get fluid diarrhea.  What I’m saying is although my head recognizes the chemical similarities, by body somehow recognizes they are different.  I do not dispute the amount of calories.  Only that they are “worthless” calories.  I have a feeling when all is said and done, this argument will end up being like the eggs will kill you / no they won’t, whole milk will kill you / no it won’t arguments which have happened since the 1970’s.  Anyway, I drink manufactured / processed fruit juices – as well as juices and smoothies I make at home.
So, those are my thoughts after day 2 and in the middle of day 3…
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