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If we don’t know when we will be used by God as witnesses, then we have to live our lives the best we can, so that at any instant, God can use us.  We’re never going to be worthy – it is GOD who makes us worthy.  I don’t mean sitting at the edge of our seats 24/7, or putting on an act and trying to be holier-than-thou.  No, what I mean is something very basic, something very simple.  Whatever we do, let’s do it well … whatever we do, let’s do it well.  If we work at home, or work away from home, let’s work with ethics.  If we meet with people and interact with people, let’s be as genuine and sincere as we can be.  Whatever we do, whoever we are, let’s strive to be the best that we can be.  Let’s strive to be as honest, as genuine, as sincere, as human as we can be.  Just by doing that, we become witnesses of God, witnesses that Jesus is alive and well and is among us.
    —    Written by:   Father Joseph N. Goh
From his sermon for:  “Third Sunday of Easter, 2012: Witnessing
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[Father “Joe” was a visiting priest at our parish for several years.  He has a ready smile and an open heart.  He also has one consistent message in each of his sermons:  God (Jesus) loves us all – each and every one of us.  Simple, yet profound.    —    KMAB]

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