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JOSH:   “Tell me democracy doesn’t have a sense of humor.  …What do you say about a government that goes out of its way to protect even citizens that try to destroy it?
TOBY:  “God bless America.”
SAM: “God bless America.”
C.J.:  “God bless America.”
DONNA: “God bless America.”
JOSH:  “God bless America.”
From the TV series: “THE WEST WING”
Season 2, Episode 3, Airdate: 18 Oct 2000
Written by: AARON SORKIN
Directed by: ALEX GRAVES
[All views expressed are my own and do NOT represent the official position or opinion of any government agency – local, state or federal.
I am a Federal employee.  Today is the first day of the fiscal year.  I have been furloughed because a small group of political fanatics have commandeered one of the nation’s two main political parties.  As such, this group of fanatics have paralyzed one half (the House of Representatives) of our legislative branch (Congress), which forms one third of our Federal government.
Now, you will frequently hear about how “the people” voted for a majority of the Representatives in the House and that’s why the country is against Obamacare.  In fact, what happened was Republicans took advantage of an off-year election (one where the President isn’t on the ticket) to take control of the House in 2010.  This coincided with a similar dominance in many state legislatures and governorships.  Now, House re-districting occurs every ten years following the national census (last held in 2010).  Re-districting is normally controlled by the powers that be in the individual states.  The result of the state take-overs (Republican) and the census re-districting was the ability to “gerrymander” their House districts so that even if they lost the vote in their statewide elections in 2012, they would retain the majority of House districts in their states.  The practical result of this political maneuver was although Democrats outvoted Republicans for House seats by almost 500,000 votes nationwide, the Republicans retained more seats in the House.  For a clear explanation of how a political party can be out-voted but still retain the majority of House seats in the state , please click on the following link:
The House of Representatives – or how to win when you actually lost –  dtd 8 November 2012; Washington Post article explaining how the Republicans “really” managed to maintain control of the House in 2012.  (For the record, the actual title of this article is: “How redistricting could keep the House red for a decade
I’m also including four links to prior posts of mine related to national politics:
  dtd 2 October 2010 explanation of budget faults.
  dtd  29 November 2010  Republican fear tactics in politics, limited government and the role of government agencies in a “free” marketplace.
  dtd 1 December 2010  Grading President Obama on various policies including health care, the economy and negotiating with Republicans.
  dtd 26 June 2011 Comments on Pat Robertson’s statement that Republicans have committed economic treason.
It is difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff when discussing politics these days.  This is all the more true because one side (the Republicans) is willing to tell the big lie repeatedly to promote its political agenda, and the other side (the Democrats) is too polite to just say “that’s a lie!” publicly to their opponents face.  One tool I use for evaluating political positions is to go back and see if what someone had to say about something proved either prophetic or correct (or both).  With the hind-sight of two-to-three years, I hope you (dear readers) will take the time to view some of these earlier posts and let me know if we’ve heard this song before.  And whether we (the American public) are about to sit through another encore…
Regardless of whether or not you agree with me, please contact your Federal representatives (Senate and House, Democrat and Republican) and let them know how you feel about the government shutdown and why.  This is no time to stand on the sidelines!
—    KMAB]
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This past weekend was a good weekend for entertainment and a bad weekend for exercise.  Basically, Saturday I binged on a TV series and Sunday I topped it off with a movie.
I spent all of Saturday watching the HBO series: “The Newsroom“.  If you haven’t seen it, the series is about a fictitious cable news channel trying to go to a new “news” format.  This basically means they are trying to present “news” as facts and content and not as “entertainment”.  The overall result is a cross between “The West Wing” and “Keith Olbermann“, with a heavy dose of “the young and the restless” (soap opera) / “the young will save us” (America’s future is our idealistic youth) thrown in for good measure.
Now when I say I spent all of Saturday, I mean literally “ALL” of Saturday…  Apparently there is a newish phenomena going on, called “binging”.  That’s pronounced “binge-ing”, not like “ringing” (how it looks to my eyes).  It’s not unlike what we (older folks) grew up with — holiday marathons of “The Twilight Zone” or “Star Trek” or horror movies, but it’s without commercials.  The flip side of this “new” phenomena is that TV is adapting to our viewing habits.  Particularly on made for cable series, the writers are developing seasonal and multi-week story arcs.  Instead of adding to individual characters back story by dropping bits into a story one piece at a time, they are building the arcs with the crescendo meant to be at or near the series finale (sometimes as a cliff-hanger).
Now, don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t my first “binge”, but it was my first conscious binge, in that I knew what I was going to do (binge) and what I was trying to perceive (looking for the arcs, instead of simply watching the show).  Essentially, I was looking for the pieces which didn’t fit in the current story to build for the next (or future) episodes.  This is a fascinating way to “watch” a TV show.  I feel as if I were taken out of my chair as a viewer and moved into a new role – for want of a better term – an anticipator or predictor.  I’ve gone from passive viewing to active participation.
The problem, of course, is I don’t know if the format (binging) produces the effect (active participation) or if it actually is the writing.  I guess the test will be watching the next year’s episodes one week at a time.  There is something to be said for anticipation and mulling over…
In any case, as a conservative Democrat, this show is brilliant.  It is a mirror for our times, just as “The West Wing” was for its times.  It is not anti-Republican; it is anti-stupidity.  I’m lovin’ it!  And the best part is I’m reading there’ll be more Republicans brought on to the actual writing staff to help point out the knuckle-head things the Democrats do, too.   I’m looking forward to more anti-stupidity…
On Sunday, I went to see “The Lone Ranger” with my daughter Sarah.  Sarah had no prior TLR experience, so this was going to be a fresh set of eyes on the subject.  As usual, full disclosure, I grew up watching this stuff on TV and listening to the LP (that’s “Long Playing” record to the younger readers, what you would call an “album” these days), over an over again until I could recite practically every word right along with the LP.  So, as soon as I saw the promo’s a few months ago, I KNEW I was all in for a first weekend viewing.
Is this movie great cinema?  No.  Is it going to change your life?  No, well probably not.  Is it going to bring back the Western genre? No, well probably not.  Is it a good movie? YES!  Is it a long movie?  Yes.  Is it worth going to see?  Heck YES!  This movie is being soundly trashed by critics and it is being predicted as a BOMB.  That’s not failure.  That’s complete bomb.  Well, it ain’t so…  It’s a good, solid, Western genre action movie.  It has loads of comedy, without being campy.  It has loads of pathos without being too maudlin.  Mostly though, it has a person of high ideals who has to struggle with the idea that life can be unfair and unjust, and that bad men can use violence and authority to do evil in the world.
Is this movie significantly better than the 1981 version (“The Legend of the Lone Ranger“)?  Well, I thought that was an okay movie (not many others did or have), too, but yes, this is much better.  Why? Mostly because the special effects of the time (1981) did not allow for the type of action sequences which appear in this current version.   Is this going to start a franchise / series of “TLR” movies?  I sure hope so…
Final comment:  this is not a MUST see movie, but it is a good solid entertaining movie – Highly recommended!
Sarah’s review: “Not a ‘great’ movie, but very (surprisingly) entertaining“.   [From the mouths of children…   —   KMAB]
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