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Unless a civilization has some explanation for why things happen – even if its explanation is nine parts mystery to one part analysis – it cannot program lives effectively.  People, in carrying out the imperatives of their culture, need some reassurance that their behavior will produce results.  And this implies some answer to the perennial WHY.
    —    Alvin Toffler
From:  “The Third Wave
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Marx, in the mid-nineteenth century, thought that whoever owned the tools and technology – the “means of production” – would control society.  He argued that, because work was inter-dependent, workers could disrupt production and seize the tool from their bosses.  Once they owned the tools, they would rule society.
Yet history played a trick on him.  For the very same inter-dependency gave even greater leverage to a new group – those who orchestrated or integrated the system.  In the end, it was neither the owners nor the workers who came to power.  In both capitalist and socialist nations, it was the integrators who rose to the top.
It was not ownership of the “means of production” that gave power.  It was control of the “means of integration”.
   —    Alvin Toffler
From his book:  “The Third Wave
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