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Stop! In The Name Of Love

Favorite Line(s):
But this time before you leave my arms
And rush off to her charms
(Think it over)
Haven’t I been good to you?
(Think it over)
Haven’t I been sweet to you?
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I Hear A Symphony

Favorite Line(s):
You’ve given me a true love
And ev’ry day I thank you love,
For a feeling that’s so new,
So inviting,
So exciting.
Whenever you are near,
I Hear A Symphony,
A tender melody
Pulling me closer,
Closer to your arms.
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Come See About Me

Favorite Line(s):
I’ve been crying
‘Cause I’m lonely
(For you)
Smiles have all turned
To tears
But tears won’t wash away
The fears
That you’re never ever gonna return
To ease the fire that within me burns
It keeps me crying baby
For you
Keeps me sighin’ baby
For you
So won’t you hurry
Come on boy,
See about me
(Come see about me)
See about your baby
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