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The notion that change takes time is fanciful.  Change happens in a flash.  The underlying magma may have been heating for a while, but when a well-timed counterforce disrupts the system, change erupts instantaneously, like a volcano, and suddenly nothing is ever the same.
    —    Dean Karnazes
From his book:  “The Road To Sparta
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People speak of finding balance.  To me, that’s a misplaced ambition.  If you have balance, you do everything okay.  But to excel at your craft, you need obsessive, unbridled fanaticism.  Not only does excellence require such commitment, it demands it.  A life worth living is frenetic, disjointed, breakneck, and quite fantastic.  Balance doesn’t lead to happiness – impassioned dedication to one’s life purpose does.
     —     Dean Karnazes
From his book:  “The Road To Sparta
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