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This afternoon I went to check out the latest version of Spider-Man.  This one is called “The Amazing Spider-Man“, as opposed to the “original” 2002 version simply named “Spider-Man” or numerically Spider-Man IV.  Is this one better or worse?  Is it worth the re-boot?  Did they wait long enough for the re-boot.  The answers: better, yes and not sure, but probably.
To start off with ALL of the actors are better – Garfield is a better Peter Parker and Spidey than Maguire was, Stone is better as Gwen than Dunst was as Mary Jane, Sheen is better than Robertson as Uncle Ben, and Fields is better as Aunt May than Harris (but Harris looks the part more than Fields).  Finally, the Lizard is a MUCH better villain than the Green Goblin.  Admittedly, I am not much of a DaFoe fan – but the 2002 Spidey was one of few roles I liked him in.  (Another being Raven in “Streets of Fire“.)
In addition to the actors being better, the whole movie seemed better paced and understandable.  I particularly liked them going back to the web shooters as opposed to the 2002 version of the webs coming out of Parker’s wrist.  It was another detail which made the movie more like the comics.  Were there things wrong?  Sure, but there are always things to nit-pick when you move from a comic to a movie.  Most of these issues come from trying to move the story along in the time allotted to keep new viewer interest up.
Is the character worth the re-boot and was 10 years long enough to wait for the re-boot.  Yes, the re-boot was required.   Maguire and Durst are getting too old for the target market (teens to mid-30’s), unless they want Parker to have a job and the characters be married and settled.  In a word – BORING!!  So, we’re back to high-school and teenage angst.  Which is okay, ’cause even if I don’t feel it at my age, I can appreciate it if it’s acted well – and it is.  Is 10 years between the re-boot long enough?  I had my doubts, but now, I think it is.  I don’t think the box office take is a valid measure as much as it might seem, but in this case the box was very strong.  I think Spidey just fits in with the run Marvel is on now.  He is a strong character on both sides of the mask and he can carry the weight of a franchise.  I will admit, I don’t look forward to Spidey being slotted into the Fantastic Four or the Avengers, but it kind of seems inevitable (particularly the Avengers).
So, a “highly recommended” for the new version of “The Amazing Spider-Man”!!!  And you definitely want to see it on a big screen.  Even close to a large home screen will not do this movie justice.  I can hardly wait for the DVD, so I can watch both versions and compare / contrast them in proximity.

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