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“Anyway, I got this letter and it said, ‘All of us carry our crosses and our destinies like fools.  But occasionally we must succumb to logic.  And the logic of the situation is that our love would destroy us.  If we could only shake our duties off like old dust.  But we cannot.’ “
Remo leaned back, sinking into the flowers, surprised that the letter came back into his mind word for word.  He was happy he still remembered.
” ‘We gave each other an hour and a promise.  Let us cherish that hour in the small places that keep us kind.  Do not let your enemies destroy that.  For as surely as the Jordan flows, we shall, if we maintain our goodness, meet again in the morning that never ends.  This is our promise that we will keep.’ “
  —  Excerpt from: “The Destroyer #27: The Last Temple
Written by Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy
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