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This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.  It is a revolutionary world we live in, and thus, as I have said in Latin America and Asia, in Europe and in the United States, it is young people who must take the lead.  Thus you, and your young compatriots everywhere, have had thrust upon you a greater burden of responsibility than any generation that has ever lived.
    —    Robert F. Kennedy
National Union of South African Students “Day of Affirmation” Speech
June 6th, 1966
University of Cape Town, South Africa
[Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday everyone!  The “Dream” endures…  You can read RFK’s full speech here.    —    KMAB]
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