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In the world you will find that men will do what men will do.  Learn to anticipate men and you learn to control men.  Learn also not to be anticipated.  Learn to be like the wind that blows from all sides, then men will look at you and never know what window of their soul to close.
    —    The Book of Sinanju
[I have a large number of “quotes” in my journal which are simply attributed to “House of Sinanju“.  I am sure they are all (each) from one of the 70+ books in “The Destroyer” series (co-written by Richard Sapir & Warren Murphy) which I was reading back in the 1970’s.  I didn’t record which book each quote came out of at the time I found them.  So, I’m just leaving them as recorded.  If anyone finds the book with the quote in it, and lets me know, I will be happy to attribute the quote accurately.    —    KMAB]
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Fear not death and it cannot become your enemy.
    —    The Book of Sinanju
[Death is not my enemy, but neither do I welcome soon the cold embrace of its long term friendship.   —     KMAB]
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