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Today I completed day 21 of my “mostly” blending fast.  This week was tough and I “cheated” the last few days – 5 tsp of chicken curry salad on Wednesday; 1 tlbsp of  coleslaw on Thursday; and then about 1/2 cup of coleslaw on Friday; 4 wedges of garlic bread yesterday and then about 2 cups of rice with spaghetti sauce today.  So, starting tomorrow it’s back to trying harder…
I started this on 3 Jan, with snug fitting 50w pants.  They are now quite loose and my belt has dropped three notches comfortable and 1 more a bit too uncomfortable to wear all day.  This is as measured at my natural belt waist.  About two inches above that at the “love handles” level, the three notches are still comfortable, but the 4th is not comfortable.  Any way, an inch a week is not too shabby.
Because I’ve been “blending” and not juicing, my stomach has taken well to eating solid food (so far anyway).  I guess I’ll find out more tomorrow…
So, what have I learned?  Well, back in July, when I started this “commitment” to loosing weight, I lost 35lbs over 21 days.  This time, (again due to faulty scales) my best estimate is that I’ve “only” lost 20lbs in 21 days.  This means I need to learn patience and to not beat myself up as I gain a few pounds back.  I have to remember what Timothy Ferriss said in “The 4-Hour Body“, take small breaks and plan them into your diet so you’re not “failing”, it’s just part of the process.
The second thing I’ve learned is I have to stay away from TV in general and sports broadcasts in particular.  Even when I’m not hungry, being constantly bombarded by food and eating commercials is psychologically tiring.  It makes me want to eat even when I’m not hungry.  Even sitting and constantly sipping on my blend doesn’t make the cravings go away.  So, I’m going to have to minimize “commercial” TV for awhile – at least until I get somewhere closer to my goals.   Good thing there won’t be anything too interesting after the Super Bowl until March Madness.  That gives me a full month and more.
I’m feeling much better and my next step is to begin exercising as part of the process.  At the moment, the “only” exercise I’ve been getting is walking my dog for about 40-45 minutes each day.  The next step will be some light weights and some easy aerobics.  Building a bit of muscle and stamina will help me mentally and that will (hopefully) help me stay motivated.
Well, that’s my story – and I’m sticking to it…
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