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Whoever fixes his eyes upon himself gives no light.
    —    St. Thomas Aquinas
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In All Its Messy Complexity
2018 Danger = Opportunity
2017 True And Great
Sand At The Beach
2016 There Is A Difference Between Dangerous And Frightening
2015 Always A Goal
2014 Standing Strong
2013 Shaken And Stirred
The Bird With The Broken Wing
2012 Friends In High Places
2011 Objective Independence

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Justice is destroyed in two ways: by the false prudence of the sage, and by the violent act of the man who possesses power.
   —    St. Thomas Aquinas
On This Day In:
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2016 I Beg The Question
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2013 From Missouri
2012 Recipe To Write: Start With One Aching Urge
2011 Ip And Rib
Real Things
2010 Final Competition

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