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I’ve always remembered having a love for music and a desire to play a musical instrument.  Unfortunately, I’ve never had the funds to pay for instruction or the time to commit to learning how to play one.  I have owned numerous instruments, but in the end, always just sold them or given them away.
Recently, (December 2020), I decided I would like to finally learn how to play an instrument and I talked myself into it being guitar.  (I then talked my wife into letting me.)  In early January, I purchased an Orangewood Austen dreadnought acoustic guitar for a little over $200.  See image below…
I’ve been practicing with it almost daily and I am having a ball with even the simplest of accomplishments (tuning, scales and trying to get clean chords).  My fingers are slowly starting to callus and I’ve gone from “about” 15 minutes a day of practice to “about” an hour a day.  Per “everyone’s” suggestion, I forced myself to start slowly and build up the amount of time I’m actually playing.  I would estimate I’ve now practiced 40 hours (total “ish”) over the last two months.
I’ve also been watching a ton of YouTube videos about playing and maintaining guitars, and about music in general (as related to playing a guitar).
I’ve been enjoying this experience so much I decided to make another “small” investment.  I decided to treat myself to a birthday present of an electric guitar.  Although I feel like I will really continue this new hobby, my wife remains unconvinced, so she agreed provided I purchased another inexpensive guitar.  I decided on a Glarry GST “starter pack” which comes with a 20W amplifier for a little under $120.  Again, see image below…
I ordered the guitar a couple of days ago and was advised delivery would be sometime around my birthday (next weekend).  Why green?  I couldn’t decide between the two other colors I “really” wanted, so I picked green because it was St. Patrick’s Day.  Lo and behold, it arrived today!  It’s beautiful and light as a feather!  It feels almost like a toy compared to my acoustic.  I’m dead chuffed over getting it delivered so quickly, so I decided to jump on my blog and post about it!!!
Anyway, it’s already early evening and I want to be able to devote a few hours to playing with it, so I’ve unboxed it and set it aside (for now).  (Play “with” it.  NOT play “on” it.  LoL!)  And… tomorrow is another day!
[I’ve recently become aware some countries require folks to disclose if a referenced item (product of value or other remuneration / compensation) has been received (by yours truly) as consideration for its being mentioned on my blog.  I have no recollection of ever receiving a “free” anything which I have subsequently discussed or reviewed on this blog. In any case,…
I have not received as a promotion any / either guitar or music related product, nor am I mentioning either in this post to secure income for myself or the manufacturers of the products mentioned.  I am only posting about these items because I personally purchased them and am excited to be learning about music and playing guitar.    —    KMAB]
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