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If you have been getting something for nothing for a long time, it’s rough to convince you to pay for it.  But pay Americans must.  In the years since the end of World War II, we have experimented with a number of schemes for producing the force we have needed, but none has been based on the notion of shared sacrifice.  It is arguable whether the current volunteer system or one in which we relied on a draft is worse, but suffice it to say that they are both bad.  We don’t need selective service.  We need universal service.  But there is great political danger in merely suggesting that all Americans contribute in a meaningful way to our collective defense, and so no politician who wants to keep his job will do it.  Consequently none does, and we are the poorer for it.
    —    Col. Jack Jacobs (Ret.), a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (and Douglas Century)
From their book:  “If Not Now, When?

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