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Yesterday When I Was Young

Favorite Line(s):
When I was young
The taste of life was sweet
As rain upon my tongue
I teased at life as if
It were a foolish game
The way the evening breeze
May tease a candle flame
The thousand dreams I dreamed,
The splendid things I planned
I always built to last
On weak and shifting sand
I lived by night and shunned
The naked light of the day
And only now I see
How the years ran away
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Dance The Night Away

To be honest, I was not a “big” Van Halen (group) fan.  I do own their “Greatest Hits” CD and “1984” album and I did really like a number of their songs (particularly this one and “Jump“).  Having said that, I was a fan of Eddie Van Halen.  I thought he had some great riffs and he always seemed to bring a sense of joy to their videos.
I heard (today) Eddie passed away after a multi-year struggle with throat cancer.  The world is better for his having been a part of it.  The music world is a little less tonight for his loss.
Hendrix, Prince and (now) Eddie Van Halen…  Heaven must be jammin’ & screamin’ tonight!  I bet Glen Campbell and Roy Clark are fingerin’ in a few licks with them, too!
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