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Overlooked and misunderstood by many, this select group of men are not boys with wide eyed unachievable dreams, they are built by passion, driven by adventure and succeed in every aspect of their life.  They read people in order to gain tolerance of opinions, and enjoy the artistic efforts of others gifted and driven to achieving such skill.  Emotionally intelligent they talk about feelings and reflect on past experiences.  Any story from any genre can affect them, and certain scores of music can even make them cry.  They never forget the fate navigators, that step briefly into their world leaving various lessons or found [sic: “fond”?] memories behind.  A soul that is forever pensive and forthcoming, an excellent host and sublime conversationalist.  Ready to defend his opinions with tolerance of others feelings and mistakes, quick to forgive, slow to forget.  A man who spends his money, as he knows that death can come at anytime, unafraid for what uncertain adventures could such an experience bring.  His heart hangs from his sleeve, his emotions roll from the tip of his tongue.  A man that is full of more love than any friend could ever wish to share, and any lover wishes to behold.  A kind and gentle man that wants nothing more than to keep you laughing.
  —  The above is from one of the blogs I follow:  http://tearmatt.com
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