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Instead of allowing our kids to beat themselves up when things don’t go their way, we might all pause to question a culture that has taught them that being anything less than overwhelmed is lazy, that how they perform for others is more important than what actually inspires them and that where they go to college matters more than the kind of person they are.
The point is not to give our kids a pass on working hard and doing their best.  But fantasizing that they can control everything is not really resilience.  We are harming our children by implying that they can bend life to their will, and as students walk across commencement stages this year, we would be wise to remind them that life has a way of sucker-punching us when we least expect it.  It’s often the people who learn to say “stuff happens” who get up the fastest.
     —    Rachel Simmons
From her opinion / editorial: “Tell kids the truth: hard work doesn’t always pay off
Appearing in:  Time Magazine, dtd: 1 July 2019
Online at:  https://time.com/5593706/hard-work-achievement-mindset/
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1.  Show up!
2.  Cultivate authenticity
3.  Set boundaries
4.  Actively practice gratitude
5.  Embrace vulnerability
6.  Let go of perfectionism
7.  Explore your emotions
8.  Build shame resilience
9.  Risk failure
10.  Don’t have any regrets
-= BONUS =-
* Let yourself be seen
    —    Dr. Brené Brown
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