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One of the great American treasures of music is Willie Nelson.  Way back when I was in the Army I fell in love with his songs and song lyrics.  Today I’m including one of his classics on my Poems page.  The song is titled: “Me And Paul“.  It’s the story of hard times for a free spirit in the Country Music genre.
Although, I’ve “interpreted” the lyrics, this is one song you can’t “feel” just from reading the words.  You really have to go listen to it.  Highly recommended!!
The song is from his “Wanted! Outlaws” album, which is really a group /compilation album of Willie performing with Jessi Colter, Tompall Glaser and Waylon Jennings.  This was the first country music album to go platinum and it’s said that after this album, Nashville’s total domination of country music ended.  I guess the key word in that is “total”, as I still feel Nashville is pretty dominant.  This is the second song from this album to get added to my Poems page.  The first was “Put Another Log On The Fire” – another equally great life ‘n laughter song.

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Today, I offer two more great song lyrics.  The first is: “If You Could Read My Mind“, by Gordon Lightfoot.  It’s a haunting song about love lost, failed heroes, myths and real life.  Gordon Lightfoot has been justly described as Canada’s Bob Dylan.  I agree.
The second song will always remind me of my roommate in Germany, when I was in the Army – David Birdsong.   Dave was a big country music fan and this was one of his favorite songs whenever we’d start drinking.  He didn’t actually “believe” the words, but he loved the attitude.   Needless to say, at one point or another, if I dated a lady more than a few times, I played this for them.   Their reaction was always a perfect indication of whether or not they had a sense of humor and if we would have any chance together…  “Put Another Log On The Fire“, by Shel Silverstein.
Again, both of these songs have to be heard to truly be appreciated – then come back and read the words again.

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