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Billy, don’t shoot too high — aim lower and the common people will understand you.  They are the ones you want to reach — at least they are the ones you ought to reach.  The educated and refined people will understand you any way.  If you aim too high your ideas will go over the heads of the masses and only hit those who need no hitting.
   —    Abraham Lincoln
(advising his law partner William Herndon about speaking to the common people)

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Let me tell you that the amount of terror that lives in a speaker’s stomach when giving a lecture is proportional to the square of the amount he doesn’t know about his audience.
    —    Donald E. Knuth
From his book: “Things A Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About
[Interesting the lack of knowledge about the audience causes the terror, not the lack of knowledge about the subject matter.    —    KMAB]

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