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Today, President Trump gave an “interview” on Fox where he described how great his memory was because he claims he was able to pass a test used to determine if the patient being tested has early signs of dementia.  #LyingDonald said he “aced” the test which took over 30 minutes for him to take.  Trump stated the test was administered the last time he was at the hospital, “probably a year ago” and the test was administered by Dr. Ronny Jackson.
Trump’s “last” trip to the hospital (Walter Reed Hospital) was in November of 2019.  Not quite a year ago, but whatever…
Dr. “Ronny” Jackson was replaced by DO Sean Conley in March 2018 as the President’s personal physician.  Trump had nominated Jackson for appointment as the Secretary of the Veterans Affairs.  Jackson withdrew his nomination the following month after allegations of misconduct and concerns over his lack of management experience.
DO Conley released the report about the President’s “visit” to Walter Reed for a partial physical examination and Conley, not Jackson, was seen on video getting into the SUV with Trump going to the hospital.
From February 2019 through December 2019, Jackson served as “Chief Medical Advisor to the President”.  The position was created for him and ended when he left the “position” to run for Congress.   I have NOT been able to determine what are the job duties of the “Chief Medical Advisor” from a Google search.
I “guess” it is possible Dr. Jackson accompanied DO Conley (and the President) to Walter Reed and participated in the “examination”, but again, I have not found ANY previously published accounts of Dr. Jackson being present for the trip and I note there is no mention of his (Jackson’s) being present on Conley’s press release (below).

Visit to Walter Reed Hospital Press Release

  • Does anyone believe Trump took a test which is meant to take about 10 minutes (15 minutes maximum) and that it lasted over 30 minutes?
  • Does anyone believe it was recommended, administered or reviewed by Dr. Jackson?
  • Does anyone believe the test was twelve months ago?
  • Does anyone believe Trump passed the test?
  • Does anyone believe Trump would remember any of it (the assessment or the circumstances) accurately now?
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Global climate change is one of the causes for the current drought in California and across much of the mid-west and southwestern United States.  Despite what #IncompetentDonald says, that’s just the unfortunate truth.  The thing about science AND reality is they don’t care whether you believe in them or not OR what political party you support.
On visiting the California Camp (Butte County) fire area and viewing the town of Paradise which was destroyed by the recent fire, #PresidentIdiot said we can deal with forest fires the way they do in Finland by raking the underbrush.  If only we had better land management.  Setting aside the fact this is a lie – the Finn’s don’t manage their forests by raking brush and that their President never told Trump they did, as #PresidentTrumpIsALiar claims, let’s take a look at what this “proposal” might cost (this is just a scribbling on the napkin guesstimate):
First I Google’d how many acres of forest land there are in California (Federal land only):   19,000,000 acres
Next I Google’d how long it takes to clear 1 acre of land of leaves – (in a level garden, using a blower and machine lawn-mowers / cutters):  3 men x 3 hours = 9 man-hours per acre.  This includes bagging and taking the leaves to the dump.  This was a private sector estimate at $40 per hour per person and with supervisory overhead (profit margin), a minimum of $500 bid for the job.  Please, note the bids I found are for back yards and gardens.  The quotes are not for brush, hills, mountains and dense forests which may either have no roads or be too steep / rugged to have road access.  In other words, you’ll have to hike there just to use that rake of yours.
That’s a rough $9.5 BILLION dollars ($500 x 19,000,000 acres)!!!  But, of course, we all KNOW that the private sector is MUCH more efficient than the government, so we can assume this is an accurate estimate and a lower cost than if the job were done by Federal workers.
So, how many workers is that?
19,000,000 acres * 9 man-hours per acre = 171,000,000 man-hours
171,000,000 man-hours / 2,000 man-hours per year of work = 85,500 man-years of raking.  (The good news is you don’t need a high school diploma to use a rake.)  Talk about full employment and a Civilian Conservation Corps!!!!
The most level management organization in the world is (wait for it…) the Catholic Church which has ONLY four levels between the parish priest and the Pope (Monsignor (parish), Bishop (diocese), Cardinal (region), Pope (Church) ).  If we adopt the standard rule of seven for supervisor efficiency (except at the bottom of the table) we are left with also hiring 1 supervisor per 36 rakers (2,375 supervisors), 1 manager per 7 supervisors (340 mngrs),  1 senior manager per 7 managers (49 senior mngrs), 1 executive per 7 senior mngrs (7 execs), and 1 “Head of Raking for California”.   Yes, I know that’s 5 levels not 4 (like the Church), but the numbers are the numbers and we don’t have God to routinely make miracles for us.
So, that’s an extra 2,772 folks who will be on staff but not raking.  Now, obviously, these folks are going to make a lot more than the $40 the private sector was going to charge for a “raker”, but let’s assume it’s ONLY $50 / hour.  The cost of this management will be:  $277,200,000.
So, President Trump’s “idea / proposal” to rake the underbrush to prevent future fires will need to hire / use about 88 THOUSAND people and cost  somewhere around $9.8 BILLION per year.  And that’s ONLY for Federal land in California.  And, let’s not get into who’s going to drive the trucks moving the undergrowth to the dump and / or where we’re going to find landfills large enough to hold all of the compost.  Oh, don’t forget the cost of the rakes and the plastic bags to hold the undergrowth during transport.  It boggles the mind…
This is the kind of ridiculous suggestion you get from a man who is so stupid he believes he is smarter than “his” generals (we are still in the Middle East and Afghanistan), “his” economists (we still have no tax relief for the middle class), “his” political advisors (Republicans just lost the House in the mid-terms), and “his” intelligence services (Russian had nothing to do with #DumbDonald getting elected), let alone “who knew healthcare was so complicated” (we still have no Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act).  Basically, this is what happens when you elect an incompetent con-man / grifter to be President.
And, no, I don’t seriously believe any company in the private sector is going to pay someone $40 / hour to rake / blow leaves.  I do believe that is what they will charge you, though.  Okay, enough scribbling…
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