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Despite a multitude of temptations, I’ve made it through another day.  (Does anyone else begin to salivate at the smell of freshly microwaved popcorn in their work environment?)  Today’s morning weight was 332 lbs.  That’s down about 10 lbs from Sunday (the day before I started the blending fast).  That sounds good for just four days of juicing, until you remember a full belly is about 5 to 7 lbs and excess water retention is another 2 or 3 lbs.  So, 10 lbs is about right for four days of no chewing.  More good news:  I’ve also lost an inch on my waist – as judged by my belt.
The hardest part so far has been a severe kidney pain flair up Tuesday at work.  It was so painful I had to leave work mid-day and come home.  I drank lots of extra water (with lemon concentrate) and stayed off on Wednesday.  I was back at work today, but I feel pretty bruised inside on my right side.  Sometimes kidney stones are like a light switch and as soon as it moves from where it’s hurting you, you are suddenly pain free.  Other times, it’s like today, where it aches.  Still, that is much better than excruciating pain.
For whatever reason, this batch of “juice” isn’t nearly as acidic as some of the batches I’ve made in the past.  Sometimes, I almost get the feeling the juice is burning the lining of my mouth.  Then I have to wash it down more frequently with plain water (which I always keep handy).  It works, but it means having to “go” even more frequently.
I’ve not been hungry so far, but I have gone through the caffeine withdrawal headache phase.  The problem is when I do come off the fast I know I’ll be right back on the java.  I’m afraid it’s one of my last personal allowances and I’ll give up chocolate and salt before I give up my hot coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream.
Well, the weekend is fast approaching and so a young man’s fancy turns to “Widow-maker” pizzas and BBQ ribs…  Just kidding.  4 down and 26 to go…  After that, who knows.  My better half is already planning the mostly meatless remainder of my life.  Keep me in your prayers.
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