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Sean Barrett, Jr.
1 June 1994 – 2 February 2014
May He Rest In Peace 
Tonight I offer up prayers for my nephew – Sean Barrett, Jr.  On Sunday morning, he went out for a walk and stepped in front of a train – ending a life full of promise and love.
Sean suffered from depression and he was being treated for being bi-polar.  He endured manic highs and equally frightful lows.  In the end, they were simply too much for him to continue enduring and he decided on his own path to ending his pain.
Because I have never suffered from either of these conditions, I cannot begin to imagine the life he lived.
I can only say, with great sadness, that the world has lost a talented young musician and a beautiful young loving soul.  If his head could not contain its confusion or explain its pain, at least his heart was able to share its joy with us for much of his all too brief life.
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These are some photos taken on a business trip to Phoenix. I took advantage of the trip to spend time with my brother (Sean), nephew (Sean Jr.) and to visit my cousin (Michael Romero). We drove to Phoenix via the Grand Canyon and then came back through Yosemite.

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